Shrove Tuesday and Lent 2024

Shrove Tuesday – February 13

On the night before our Lenten fasts, we feast!

We’ll start serving pancakes at 5:30pm, in Brooks Hall. As was done last year, all Shrove Tuesday donations will go to K.I.D.S.

Here at Trinity, as in many congregations all over the world — at least those in the Anglican Communion — the food of choice for the feast is pancakes! The custom of eating pancakes at Shrove Tuesday was popular in many parts of Europe, not only in Britain. Pancakes were popular as families ate the last of the eggs and butter that they were allowed before Lent. In French, of course, this is Mardi Gras – “Fat Tuesday” – the feasting before Lenten fasting.

Wherever food and friends gather on this day, it is a time for merriment and good cheer. We hope you’ll join the good cheer here at Trinity. The Men’s Group is doing the cooking again this year, cooking up pancakes with a selection of toppings, including a smorgasbord of butter, maple syrup, as well as blueberry and strawberry compote, chocolate chips, peanut butter and whip cream. For dessert we’ll have ice cream with toppings.

Ash Wednesday – February 14

This year and we will have our traditional liturgies at the traditional times, 7 AM and Noon. Both liturgies will be times of reflection and quiet. Please join us and prepare your heart for your Lenten Journey.

Wednesday evening February 21 – Our Lenten programs begin

We will, as in the past, begin with a short Eucharist at 5 PM. A soup and bread supper will follow at 5:30; the supper is being led by Beth Ellis—please look for the colorful sign up she has offered and sign up with either an offering of soup or bread. Last, we will have a somewhat different Lenten study. Instead of a book study, I have invited five of your fellow parishioners to briefly share their spiritual journey on five separate Wednesdays. We will have time to hear about their journeys and time permitting, discuss what we’ve heard. This is a wonderful way to get to know your fellow members—please join us.

Holy Week

 Our Maundy Thursday liturgy including foot washing. Good Friday will be offered as the Book of Common Prayer liturgy at Noon. Should you wish to stay for a time after the liturgy, we will keep the Church open until 4 PM.

There will be no Easter Vigil this year (allowing the new rector to establish their own traditions)

On Easter Sunday wewill have a grand celebration of the Resurrection at 8 and 10 on Sunday. Please join us and if you will, bring family and friends.